Tuesday, October 28, 2008

'Make me a priest again' - Neil Horan

Ex-priest Neil Horan is returning to Ireland, looking for his old job back.

having been defrocked in 2005 after his infamous and life endangering stunts, he wishes to get back into the pulpit.

"I will try to get a meeting with the Church and hopefully they will find a role for me. But I do not accept or agree with their doctrine, so they will have to accept what I preach."

The Communications office of the Irish Bishops Conference (IBC) have thus far acknowledged that the Catholic Church is not now, or for the forseeable future, going to close the church door on Horan.

"We will, as in all cases, never make comment on those who may show an interest in rejoining the priesthood. It is a matter between the person themselves and their respective diocese."

Horan is due to return in December, and said "I hope that the Church will take me back because they now need all the help they can possibly get."

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Anonymous said...

As Miley would say "Well Holy God, he could not be much worse than the Parish Priest we have in Bray".

Sure even Fr. Ted's pal Fr. Jack could give him a run for his money.

Anonymous said...

This man should never be allowed back into the priesthood. He is an outspoken admirer of Adolf Hitler having proclaimed him to have been a 'great leader doing Christ's work'.
He was accused of paedophilia and is well known for his mentally deranged behaviour towards the Brazilian marathon runner and during the 2003 British Grand Prix.
The Catholic church has brought enough trouble on itself for overlooking too many incidents within it's church and will win no respect if they allow such people to represent them in any capacity whatsoever.