Friday, October 31, 2008

Church Sex Abuse Victim Appeals To Supreme Court

Attorneys for priest sex abuse victim James Turner are appealing their case to the state supreme court, arguing that his recent civil case was tainted by a catholic parishioner who sat on the jury.

Turner sued Vermont's Roman Catholic Diocese last year, claiming that the diocese knowingly hired a pedophile priest who sexually abused Turner 30 years ago when he was a member of the church.

That case ended in a split verdict, but Turner's lawyer said the decision was unfair because there was a parishioner in the jury and are now appealing the case.

The jury had awarded Turner $15,000, but found that Turner had filed his case after the statute of limitations and denied him the money.

Attorneys for both the church and Turner argued before the supreme court Thursday in Montpelier and both were unhappy with the previous verdict.

The diocese said the court should not determine how a priest is picked.

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(Source: WPTZ)

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