Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Ex aedibus Sotto Voce...Ar Ais Ón Turas Intinne

My dear bloggies, I am back amongst you all and it is indeed great to be here.

I must thank Sacerdos for overseeing the site whilst I was away and hope it was upholding of the standards expected.

With great heart and joy I return to you all, but also with a sadness upon hearing of the illness of someone dear to me and I ask that you keep her in your prayers as time is of a precious nature at the moment.

In many ways, little do we realise sometimes the importance and fragility of life at times, and only when upon deathbeds does it become apparent how it is that life needs to be respected.

More of that anon.

In the interim, my dear friends, it is great to be back and I am sure we will discuss matters further.

Sotto Voce


Rob said...

Welcome back SV! Glad you got some R&R. Will keep your friend in prayer. Rob

Tony said...

May Our Lord, the Lord of all Mercy, keep your friend in His heart and grant her, you and all who are known to her and who care for her in her final hours, spiritual healing and peace in mind, soul and body. May you all be blessed with ever closer friendship with our Blessed Lord.


'AJ' (about to become a seminarian in England)

Anonymous said...

Welcome back! That's a bit of good news anyway!