Thursday, February 14, 2008

Monks' Catholic Coffee Company Gains Popularity

A new Catholic Coffee is sweeping the nation in popularity. Mystic Monk Coffee is the exciting new coffee roasted by Carmelite Monks who are aiming to enhance Catholic Culture.

"Imagine waking up in the morning and the first thing you smell, the first thing that wakes you up is a bag of coffee roasted by real monks," says Br. Michael Mary, the master coffee blender for Mystic Monk Coffee.

"Our hope is to bring to Catholic culture what monks have always brought to society, the richness of Catholic heritage right in your house as a daily appointment. This is what drives our monks."

Not only is their hope to enhance Catholic culture but also to give people a way to use their daily expenses to help the Catholic Church. Br. Michael Mary explains, "So much of the money from famous coffee brands goes to very anti-life propaganda. Our interest is just the opposite."

The monastery of the Carmelite Monks in Wyoming, who do all the roasting, is booming with vocations and this is their primary way of supporting themselves.

"We have nine monks who live in a four bedroom house and six entering in the next six months. We simply have no place to put them."

The monks drive to help their monastery gave way for them to excel in a secondary passion of theirs. "We love coffee with a passion." Br. Michael says. "Coffee also has always been an intricate part of our American society. What better way to spread support among Catholics than by selling coffee."

And Catholics love it.

The Monks have received hundreds of responses from Catholics across the country that Mystic Monk Coffee is the best coffee they ever drank.

The sales and popularity have far exceeded the monks' expectations.

"Each one of us has his role in the Church," Br. Michael says. "We monks pray and intercede for the faithful. Now the faithful have an easy way support us without going too much out of their way."

The monks say that over three thousand Catholics have now tried their coffee within six months of their roasting. Monks and Coffee; It is a perfect match.

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