Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Polish President-presented church bells delivered to Baku

Three church bells presented by Polish President Lech Kaczyński to newly-constructed catholic church Saint Maria in Azerbaijan were delivered to Baku, which is noted on the official website of Azerbaijan Catholic Church.

Famous master Zbigniew Fechinski who has prepared church bells has arrived in Baku for helping to the installation of the bells.

The biggest one of the bells weighs 500 kg.

This bell is named after Saint Apostle Peter, his image was reflected on it.

The other bell which weighs 290 kg has been devoted to Senstokhovskaya Saint Maria, personal emblem of Iohan Pavel II was reflected at the back of the bell.

The smallest bell was prepared on the honor of Benedict XVI. It is written on the bells that it is present of Polish President.

The bells will be installed on the tower of the church.

Poland’s President Lech Kaczyński who paid official visit to Baku in March, 2007 visited newly-commissioned church and stated that he will present bells to the Church.

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