Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Agreement will be signed by local Anglican and Roman Catholic heads

In a sign of warming relationship between the Anglicans and the Catholics in NSW, a formal covenant will be signed between them with the Anglican Archbishop of Newcastle, Dr Brian Farran, saying it was an indication of the common value they shared together and a step towards ‘healing’ the differences.

This covenant, the second time it was agreed upon in Australia, would be signed by three regional heads of the two largest Christian denominations, spanning areas around Newcastle.

It is reported the agreement will entail holding an annual ecumenical service of worship, an annual joint clergy day, annual exchange of pulpits and examining the possibilities of sharing church planting.

Bishop Farran said that sharing resources would benefit both parties given it was limited and emphasised the goodwill both denominations enjoyed over the years.

"There are already cases in rural areas where resources are stretched and many 'competing' church buildings are being used for a few parishioners. This will be a statement that we don't want to waste resources.

"There is much goodwill already between our denominations and we have been running successful combined clergy days for many years. I'm sure there will be a solid welcome by parishioners for the annual exchange of pulpits."

The covenant will be signed on April 2nd in the Newcastle Anglican Cathedral. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

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