Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Vatican pulls passport of excommunicated archbishop

Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo, who was excommunicated in September 2006, has had his Vatican passport revoked.

The 77-year-old Zambian prelate, who has been working with followers of the Unification Church and lobbying for an end to clerical celibacy, planned to travel to Rome with a group of married priests in December.

Like other prelates, Archbishop Milingo held a passport giving him the diplomatic protection of the Holy See.

That passport has now been withdrawn, reflecting his break with the Church.

The African archbishop was excommunicated after a series of clashes with the Vatican, culminating with his illicit ordination of 4 married men as bishops.

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Benny the Bridgebuilder said...

It's an absolute scandal that the Vatican should be allowed issue passports in the first place.

A State when it suits and not when it doesn't. Talk about having your cake and eating it.

No transsubstantiation issues here.