Monday, October 29, 2007

Polish Catholic Church counts worshippers

On Sunday the Catholic Church in Poland conducted an annual study to find out how many Catholics go to churches and how many receive Holy Communion.

In 10,000 parishes throughout Poland the worshippers were counted by pollsters.

The hierarchs of the Catholic Church want to know how many people are engaged in religious live and how many are attending masses.

The pollsters also checked the sex division among practicing Catholics.

The pollsters will have counted the worshippers over 7 years of age.

In Poland such studies are conducted since 1980 and they reveal changes in the Polish society.

For example, since that time the general number of people attending masses has decreased, but the number of worshippers describing their faith as deep doubled.

According to sociologists, this means that Poles stopped going to church because ‘this befits’, but out of spiritual needs.

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