Sunday, October 28, 2007

New editor-in-chief takes over at Vatican newspaper L'Osservatore Romano

The new top editor at the official Vatican newspaper said Saturday he would promote an exchange of ideas at the daily and include news about Judaism, Islam and other Christian communities around the world.

Giovanni Maria Vian penned his first editorial for L'Osservatore Romano on Saturday, his first day on the job, after being named to replace editor-in-chief Mario Agnes, who guided the daily for more than two decades.

Pope Benedict XVI received Vian in a private audience, telling him he hoped the newspaper of the popes would continue to show the "fruitful meeting between faith and reason."

In his editorial, Vian said that in its international coverage, L'Osservatore would "reserve space for the meeting of ideas, with a cordial opening to the confrontation of reason."

"The newspaper of the popes will look to inform the world on the Catholic community in different continents, on Christian churches and confessions, Judaism, Islam and other religions," he wrote.

Vian, a church historian and journalist, is the newspaper's 10th editor-in-chief since its inception in 1861.

L'Osservatore is published daily in Italian and weekly in six other languages.

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