Saturday, July 28, 2007

Catholic Priest Countersues Alleged Victim

Father Chester Przybylo is filing a counter-suit, but it just might cause him more trouble.

When Przybylo named his accuser -- who had filed his suit anonymously -- it led to more legal trouble, and he now faces possible sanctions for making the accuser's name public.

Of the accusations, Przybylo said, "I am not a child molester."

Przybylo was startled when he was sued last year by Attorney Jeffery Anderson. Anderson supplied old photos of the two together and claims the priest abused him 20 years ago.

The priest received a letter from DCFS after investigating the claim and said the agency said the claims were unfounded.

Now, the priest has turned the tables on Anderson and sued him for slander.

Attorney Aldo Botti will represent Przybylo in court next week.

"I am praying for him," he said of the alleged victim. "I was praying for him before he accused me."


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