Saturday, July 28, 2007

Catholic Dean filmed lashing out at youths

A video showing the Dean of Melbourne's Catholic Church allegedly assaulting and verbally abusing a group of teenagers has appeared on video-sharing website YouTube.

The amateur footage shows Reverend Monsignor Geoffrey Baron lashing out at a group of skateboarders on the steps of St Patrick's Cathedral in Melbourne.

Reverend Baron appears furious with the teenagers for skating on church property in the footage, shot a year ago.

He swears and utters sexual and racist remarks.

"Move off the property you [expletive] fool. Move!" he says in the footage.

"You're the foreigner there - look at the slitty eyes, black hair."

The Vicar-General, Monsignor Les Tomlinson, saw the vision yesterday and defended Reverend Baron, saying his outburst was justified because the teenagers provoked him.

"If any human being is put under siege like that, they may well react in a way they wouldn't do," he said.

Monsignor Tomlinson says the fact that he is a priest makes no difference.

"Could you imagine yourself being subjected to the abuse and the pushing that he was subjected to and be confident that you yourself would not react?" he said.

He says Reverend Baron is currently away but they will discuss the incident when he returns.


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Anonymous said...

The use of the most disgusting four letter words by the Dean of the Cathedral have to be heard to be believed. As I remember Jesus never answered back with such language to those who mocked, scourged and crucified him with the most brutal tactics. Yet a priest uses this foul and obscene langauge. How cna this not be damaging. It is horrendous and painful for anyone to see and ought be abhorred.

Anonymous said...

Priest kickout:

Yes just another foul mouthed violent defender of the catholic church's vast property portfolio aka your typical local priest.

Finn McColl

and hey get off my island..

Anonymous said...

It is beyond belief that the Vicar General of the archdiocese would seek to apologise for such language by the Dean. Why has the Dean not made a public apology for such obscene and racist language? Is he not man enough to face the public and apologise profusely? How could he celebrate Mass with the sacred words whilst this video has made a mockery of his position. Better that the bishop moved him away from his cathedral. Once again, the Church has been humiliated by a priest in his public actions. When will priests ever learn that are meant to be men of prayer and holiness?