Monday, July 16, 2007

Blogspot Voting...LIVE

As part of the continuous updating of this site, I have introduced site voting which can be located just under the collar alongside this posting...

The first issue for voting upon is the you think the Catholic Church is the only Church through which salvation is possible?

Vote as you wish and the results will show automatically on the system and this will remain as the question until 30th July when a new question will be put up and the final results displayed.

Any other suggestions and ideas you may have, please feel free to pass them through to me and I will endeavour to assist in having the site adjusted to meet your requirements.


No responsibility or liability shall attach itself to either myself or to the blogspot ‘Clerical Whispers’ for any or all of the articles placed here.

The placing of an article hereupon does not necessarily imply that I agree or accept the contents of the article as being necessarily factual in theology, dogma or otherwise.

Sotto Voce

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