Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Archbishop is "bored" of Chávez' criticisms

San Salvador Archbishop Fernando Sáenz Lacalle said Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez is getting "boring" with his "insults" against the Catholic Church, adding that usual criticisms against the Catholic leaders in the continent should not be attached "much importance."

In a news conference in the Metropolitan Cathedral of San Salvador, the prelate was asked about Chávez' attitude, as the Venezuelan ruler called Honduran Cardinal Oscar Rodríguez Madariaga "parrot" and "imperialist clown."

Chávez' insults came following Rodríguez Madariaga's remarks published by a daily newspaper in San Salvador claiming that the Venezuelan ruler "believes he is a god with a right to outrage everyone else." Sáenz Lacalle declared: "I think this is a weekly circus show. Therefore, I think that not much importance should be attached to this, even though the fact that a Head of State insults a Cardinal is very significant."

"Anyway, in this particular case (of Chávez), it is so frequent that it is getting boring."

Two days earlier -through Honduran President Manuel Zelaya- Chávez apologized to the Honduran Cardinal, and even invited him to visit Venezuela to verify that his criticisms against the Venezuelan revolution are groundless.


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