Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Catholic church lays down dress code

The Archdiocese of Manila has issued a dress code that calls on the faithful to present themselves in formal and more conservative attire when attending mass, a local paper said.

In a circular sent to parish priests on Sunday, Father Godwin Tatlonghari, assistant minister of the archdiocese's Ministry of Liturgical Affairs (MLA), said a new dress code was being imposed following complaints from worshippers that the slack dress sense of some was proving to be disturbing, the Star said.

Male Catholics should wear "long-sleeved polo shirts, collared shirts, or t-shirts paired with either slacks or jeans", the circular directed, advising against wearing caps, basketball jerseys, tank tops, and shorts to church.

Women were told to stick to dresses, long gowns, or collared blouses as against spaghetti-strap tops, tank tops, short skirts, skimpy shorts and sleeveless shirts with plunging necklines, the MLA stipulated.

Carefully crafted

Corporate attire and school uniforms are also allowed inside the church, the MLA said, adding that the guidelines were "carefully crafted" in deference to requests from thousands of conservative people and priests.

"They usually cite the increasing number of people who come to church to attend Mass or other liturgical functions garbed in a way that disrespects the sanctity of the House of God and the sacredness of the liturgical celebration," Tatlonghari said.


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