Saturday, June 30, 2007

Candidates for Catholic priesthood increase

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Harrisburg has announced that Bishop Kevin C. Rhoades has accepted 15 men as candidates for seminary study to prepare for the priesthood.

In addition, a record 100 men will attend the annual Quo Vadis Days, which is a time for men considering the priesthood.

Currently, the diocese has 10 men in priestly formation. "Twenty-five total is a high and excellent number for us and 15 men in one year is extraordinary, said the Rev. Raymond LaVoie, diocesan director of vocations, in a news release. .

LaVoie attributed the increase in candidates is a "culture that supports and nourishes that idea."

The men, who range in age from late teens to early 20s, include a civil engineer, a technical assistant and ones who are experienced in music, football, wrestling and track.

The third annual Quo Vadis Days - a time of prayer, discussion and fellowship for men ages 15-25 - will be held July 8-12 at Mount St. Mary's University and Seminary in Emmitsburg, Md.
Participants will spent time with peers, seminarians and priests in a week that includes prayer, presentations, discussion, recreation and a Mass celebrated by Rhoades.

In addition, the bishop made a presentation on vocations at a national assembly of U.S. Catholic Bishops this month in New Mexico.


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Simon-Peter Vickers-Buckley said...

Wow, I am impressed, so we are below pre 1940 levels?

Bravo Bishop.

Just make sure you don't tell them that EVEN IF vocations explodes like never before, in 13 years 25% percent of US parishes will be without a priest, there will only be 30,000 priests for 61 million Catholics (there were 35,000 priests in 1940 for 21 million) and 50% of those will be over 70 (if they live).

Springtime and renewal.