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An Focal Scóir - May 2007

May, the month of Mary opened with Il Papa expressing solidarity with one of his bishops who was in receipt of death threats due to his referring in a rather nasty way to the gay community. Some MEP's had also attempted to have the prelate brought to the European Parliament on a charge of homophobia but at time of press, it was still proceeding.

Australia received news of 2 new bishops being appointed, Kissinger visits the Vatican, average age of ordinands to priesthood in USA is 35, May Day is remembered, but the Bishop of Southwark suffers from memory failure in relation to his Christmas drinking session at the Irish Embassy in UK and could yet lose his position.

Archdiocese of Dublin CSA Scandal update hints at a greater scale of abuse as may have been previously thought, online confessions, UK bishop anti-BNP advertisements, Irish nun dies from spider bite in Kenya, EU Parliament accuses RC Church of homophobia and Bush and Il Papa meet.

Il Papa speaks of love, Irish should learn from South Africans, Jewish Community warns Il Papa over Latin Mass re-introduction, women priests should be permitted, homophobia alive and well in Croatian schools whilst Cardinal Hummes asks all to reach out to fallen away Catholics (irony lost on anyone here??)

Disgraced Irish bishop Comiskey to give evidence in relation to CSA, Irish courts face having to rule on abortion again, Iraq's endangered Christian community, Lebanese difficulties get hearing in Vatican, Brazil rise in Protestantism and Vatican refers to a comedian as a terrorist!!

European Court rules in favour of Polish gays, Opus Dei not welcome, Turkish Christian community in receipt of death threats, Vatican library to close for 3 years, Irish general election begins and Il Papa worries about environment.

Mugabe again warns RC bishops, Anglican Church issues unequivocal apologies for CSA case, Italian lawmakers criticise Vatican newspaper, RC priest drug smuggling into prison whilst another faces the clerical heave-ho for using prostitutes.

Female RC bishop defies Vatican, Brazilian youth at odds with Vatican on views on sex, CSA cover-ups continue in the Church, Vatican hands down first drug conviction, 1st. ever Nepalese bishop ordained and cardinal says we msut respect our immigrants.

Married man ordained as RC priest, Swiss Guards thanked by Il Papa, new faces in Roman Curia, Anglican Synod in Ireland begins, whilst major reform of the CDF is called for, Il Papa says Church must face vocations crisis and new Secretary of Clergy Congregation is appointed.

Muslim apostasy equals death, Herod tomb found, Pius XII almost a saint, homosexuality a from of prostitution (so says Cardinal), Il Papa says pro-abortion politicians will incur excommunication, Anglican church in turmoil over gay issues whilst Vatican clarifies papal excommunication remarks.

Il Papa flies into Brazil...and abortion row, moral mess of RC church exposed in court case, papal book sells, Marian pilgrims flock to Portugal, Iraqi Christians under threat from Al-Qaeda, Il Papa tries to sell chastity to young Brazilians, wine back on menu in NZ prisons and Il Papa in internet mass row.

Activists protest papal visit, Il Papa hears drug addict stories, Portugal shrine map offers sex sites, Il Papa offends native Indians of Brazil, whilst large crowds in Rome protest against gay rights.

Apocalypse secret denied by Vatican, Jehovahs Witnesses settle CSA claims, priest caught in love triangle, questions raised over raising wartime pope to sainthood, calls to oust Cardinal O'Connor Murphy in UK whilst a warning to all parents in relation to a clerical paedophile on lose in Ireland is followed by a picture and appeal to you all in relation to missing Madeleine.

.....and we now begin the second Verbum Ultimus report for the month of May....

The Dalai Lama was snubbed in Canberra by the economically conscious and dependent Federal Government in a blatant kow-tow to China; a Brazilian is charged with the death of American nun Dorothy Stang and the Dalai Lama announces he is to abdicate any political affiliations and reflect more on his spirituality.

US House of Democrats excommunicate Il Papa; greater lay involvement in RC church is called for and in the UK, teachers call for an end to church vetoes on school jobs while at long last, the code used by hierarchy in relation to abusing clergy is confirmed as having existed and furthermore, still exists. This shock revelation came from no less a personage than Cardinal Rivera of Mexico!!!

Il Papa's Brazilian did not go all that well, with fierce backlash coming to the fore, whilst in Rome, the leftist element of politics renewed their commitment to gay rights with the Vatican more interested in protecting the Christian heritage of Europe (says it all really).

Archbishop Oscar Romero is considered for beatification according to the Pope...only question is why it has taken so damn long!!!

Bishop Patricia Fresen struggles with the hierarchy (don't we all!!) as she continues to ordain female clergy (fair play and long may she continue) whilst a contribution reflections on the clerical errors of Il Papa which have merited a few Papal corrections (infallible hmmmm)...whilst a French village supports its priest and his partner!!!

Ascension Thursday is commemorated, and then astoundingly it seems a paedophile may only serve 1 year in prison before being released on parole....whilst the LA Archdiocese has to sell the chancery to raise funds for CSA victims and in the UK it seems Tony Blair is intent on becoming RC on leaving all honesty do we need another warmonger in the ranks? Remember Hitler?

A cleric in the US believe himself to be God (thankfully he isn't) by advising the Senate to brush up on RC faith or stay out of church because they rebuked Il Papa (I am a dead man blogging in his eyes so!!)...unity between RC and Anglicanism discussed...while Mugabe is criticised yet again but the AB responsible will not apologise for so doing (way to go AB Ncube!!) whilst in the UK, an Anglican Bishop invents a new term - cupcake Christians!!!

Il Papa merits the top accolade in the Anti-Gay Hall of Shame organised by Human Rights Watch (wow that is some (dis) honour!!), while the bible merits being described as obscene in Hong Kong and Vatican-Israel relations are discussed.

In Pakistan, the Christian community is 'advised' by the Taliban that they must convert to Islam (makes a change from the Crusades one supposes), abortion continues as an international issue, whilst a schism in the Orthodox Church in Russia is healed (hint hint to Rome and Moscow) whilst Pope John XXIII is remembered for helping save Roman Jews.

Australian Anglican Synod convenes, clergy in USA to de-criminalise feeding the homeless (only in USA people, only in the USA), a prison nun was helping some prison inmates get high but not on God but rather something rather more illicit, the Scottish Bishops have demanded that teachers undergo a 'piety test' which would be something more recommended for themselves and their hierarchical colleagues one thinks than hard working teachers....

Church interference in Italian politics upsets a few, paper on Tridentine Mass due (or overdue at this stage!!), whilst Iraq sees more trouble with the kidnapping of Chaldean clergy and NYC diocese is ordered to pay a record $11 million as settlement of one CSA case, and in the Czech Republic the current cardinal is left in office despite turning 75 whilst Chavz seeks a papal apology for remarks made by Il Papa (fat chance of that apology happening).

Poland sees citizens taking to the streets for equal rights for gay community, whilst us poor bloggers are very falsely accused by some elements of the Italian media (read RC controlled media there) of promoting BBC propaganda about RC abuse and cover up...attack being best form of defence tact Ireland the Gardaí are set to investigate MORE CSA claims against clergy (nothing new there then)...Scotland wants sex clinics in schools (is that what the new name is for the school shed?)...while the USA asserts it not being under the Papal thumb...

Il Papa condemns sex (for the umpteenth time!!), Turkey wants secularism, China not enthusiastic about religion at the 2008 Olympics, kidnapped priest is ransomed in Baghdad, and Il Papa appeals to Middle East for peace.

A priest deflowers a 13 year old girl, celibacy issue continues to rumble in France (again) and the kidnapped priest is freed in Baghdad, with Vatican again attempting to assert itself in China, with UK clergy fuming over no smoking signs in churches.

Muslims shut down a RC website (hands off this blogspot!!), CofE seeks decent asylum in UK, whilst a priest who ran and won in local elections admitted having a romantic liaison, whilst a survey finds that many believe women should be ordained priests by the RC church (no opposition here) whilst our hierarchy decide to sue South Park (different priorities for sure) whilst Vatican DEMANDS China respect and acknowledge right to appoint bishops!!

Lourdes may get papal visit for 150 years celebration, Pius XII was not silent during Holocaust and papal book Jesus of Nazareth is reviewed.

Gaydar priest Fr Hogan issues statement, Il Papa says Christians should be disciples and missionaries of Christ whilst Sinead O Connor mulls Gregorian chant (wonder will Il Papa endorse it???) whilst Mugabe ups the ante against RC bishops.

Pentecost of Pope John XXIII is pondered, whilst in USA 2 churches sign a communal agreement, whilst within Anglicanism Bishop Gene Robinson is not invited to Lambeth 2008, and monks are branding and protecting their Infidel brand of products!!

Blair to meet Il Papa on leaving office whilst Bishop Walsh of Killaloe diocese says that which we all already know - priests not immune from struggles with sexuality!!! Get rid of celibacy so!!!

The Holy See starts to evict (oft elderly) residents from its portfolio of properties, whilst issuing its census results, and NY archdiocese is gifted $27 million by an atheist (should help with CSA bills), and still in USA a tv presenter says RC Mass is a homosexual act...go figure that one and get back to me....

Il Papa in trouble in Fatherland and in Latin America, Ireland needs more non-denominational schools report, and RC gays challenge authority of church, in UK calls made to end 300 year old anti-Catholic laws, and back to Ireland where more couples are civilly married than traditional services heretofore.

Ireland's cause celebre cleric apologises for being on, but the locals support him, and Poland is to challenge ruling on abortion, papal blundering in Brazil is discussed (again), yet he applauds the parade against unwed couples (how unChristian of him but very PC RC), and the Church of Scotland refuses to condemn Mugabe.

Bloggers yet again condemned for airing Vatican dirty laundry, and in-house decision to install solar panels and other green machines for Vatican, whilst Chavez gets clarification but no apology (told you so), and a review of David Yallop book on papacy of John Paul II.

Statements of Bishop and cleric at centre of gay priest non-story, Pentecost reflection, German clergy rail against Il Papa's old office (Inquisition) and Italian bishops (recognisable due to their constantly suffering from foot-in-mouth) say the RC Church is not to blame even when found to be wrong (someone work that out and get back to me!!!), whilst Anglican Church more direct in accepting liability and addressing the matter.

Mexico to challenge own abortion laws again, Bishop goes to gay priest parish, reflection on re-introduction of Latin Mass, celibacy can be a fulfilling call (and worse it is a priest who has said it!! - must be after a bit of the purple), whilst the silence of the Irish bishops in light of recent happenings is debated.

Archbishop Tutu says there is nothing short of an obsession at present in relation to gay clergy (at last someone other than myself who believes it to be so), Russia arrests gay activists (communism is dead is it??), Papal U-turn on inter-religious dialogue office, papal evangelizing and Amnesty abortion calls merit headlines also.

Female bishop continues to ordain, Moscom Patriarch says representation at Inter-Faith Dialogue not properly representative, Vatican Bank murder trial on tha books for judicial response, Ireland has 9 ordinands to dicaonate, whilst US bishop welocmes gays to communion.

Brazil subsidises birth control pill, Opus Dei has 38 ordinands, laity required to foster vocations, Papal message for World Missions Day, clerical torture by police, whilst Vatican again in denial of CSA claims as presented by the BBC.

Parents of missing girl to meet with Pope, more on the book they do not want printed, to be RC means to accept the weaknesses of the Church (a good clearout never done any harm though!!), online confessions given blessing, UK and Scottish cardinals start beating abortion drums again, priest fires organist who works for sex toy company (bit heavy handed and OTT) an considering that exams are uppermost on many peoples minds, a new patron saint of students is to be appointed on June 3rd...just in time too!!

....and therein lies the 2nd half of the Marian month of May on Clerical Whispers....hope you enjoyed and no doubt the month of the Sacred Heart which is June, shall not fail to lift our hearts....

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