Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Sotto Voce...

My dear bloggies, I am writing to thank you all for your visits to this site for the last 5 months or so, and to express my heartfelt thanks for making this site break the 50,000 hits barrier just within days of having breached the 40,000 barrier.

A few more adjustments have been made to the site as you will no doubt have noticed over the last few weeks, and in the main, they have been a betterment of the site for you.

Attached at the end of the blog is now a visitor map which indicates the concentration of fellow bloggies and where in the world they are based which has even managed to surprise me to be honest...but refreshing in its own right.

To clarify yet again for those of you submitting articles, comments and critiques etc, please do allow time to pass before such are read and posted, and apologies to those of you who have submitted in last week or so and not yet seen contributions posted, but this may be due to fact that site went down for a while last week and information was slow in coming through...I promise it will get there..

Again, as with all stories, all pieces posted here are subject to stringent rules before being published and nothing is posted otherwise...also I do have inside knowledge on some matters moreso than others but I still subject such information to the same technique as others so that it is not castigated as malicious...this may answer a few questions of others and indeed comments submitted especially that of Enda (you know who you are) with the answer to your enquiry being no but I do have a copy of that particular document as referred to in the posting.

Continue to message me but most important of all continue to support by visiting!!! It is a free service after all.....

Sotto Voce

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