Thursday, May 31, 2007

Polish Charity Chief Faces Harassment Charges

The director of Poland's Caritas charitable agency, Father Adam Deren, has been accused of workplace harassment by former employees, the newspaper Rzeczpospolita reports.

Father Deren, under whose leadership the number of Caritas Poland employees has decreased from 28 to 16, says that when he assumed the position, the former director, Father Wojciech Lozewski advised him to fire all employees.

Former employees claim Father Deren called them vulgar names and belittled them.

Father Derene was named this week by Pope Benedict XVI as a member of the Pontifical Council Cor Unum, the official charitable arm of the papacy.


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Anonymous said...

This is the 21st century and Fr. Adam Deren is the Parish Priest at Holy Name of Jesus Parish in Vermilion Alberta Canada. He has been the Parish Priest here for close to Two years and our Parish Secretary had been here at the time of his arrival for a full 26 years. He, Fr. Adam, along with the Chairman of the Parish Council and others in concert with Fr. Adam Deren fired the Secretary, on Wednesday, 11 /April, 2012,as he deemed her to be incompetent. After this secretary,kept the parish running through thick and thin with priests who seldom showed up or had a severe drinking problem, which our archdiocese knew about when they transferred the Alcoholic priest here, Our faithful Secretary kept the wheels on everything, and now Father Adam has deemed her INCOMPETENT. This is the priest who seldom if ever darkens the door way or the halls of our Catholic School in Vermilion. Is he trying to save souls? or trying to earn a position in Rome? I thought that the Catholic Church was a Christian Church

jeremy Laurence said...

To post as "anonymous" is to post without authority. If you can't swear by your testimony and vouch for your statements personally, then what good can you do? And we do want to exchange error for truth, no?

Let me introduce myself. My name is Jeremy Laurence. I am 43 years old. My family have been faithful parishioners at Holy Name of Jesus for almost 100 years. I sing in the choir every second Saturday, I have three boys serving on the altar, my wife grows flowers to adorn the Church. We are not an exceptional family of 7 but we love being in the presence of Christ in the Mass. We love and appreciate the opportunity to confess our sins and look eagerly to the possibility of growing in grace. So that you know who I am, I am sitting in the second row from the front, on the left side as you enter Holy Name of Jesus Church in Vermilion Alberta.

It is obvious, "anonymous", that you have great affection for the former Parish secretary of Holy Name Parish. That you feel grieved at her loss of employment is probably of great comfort to her.

Now that you know who I am, here is my testimony. Fr. Adam Deren is a kind, gentle, well meaning, hard working, extremely well educated, faithful Prince of the Church. His predecessors, Fr, Stan Blaskowski and Fr. Stan Lasko are/were also thoughtful, faithful and excellent Priests.

It is to my eternal shame that I did not do more to protect each of these beautiful priests from the personal attacks they suffered at the hands of the former parish secretary and her cabal of bitter, angry and inordinately critical laypeople. All three of these priests were treated worse than you would treat a dog. Why some people think they can scream at, belittle, harass and bully Parish Priests I simply cannot fathom. Shame on you!

As for our dear gentle giant Fr. Stan Lasko, All I can say is that if he was an alcoholic, the parish never knew. It was only when he confessed openly to the congregation that we first heard of his sufferings. There are people who knew Fr. Stan before he came to Holy Name of Jesus and it is their testimony that he was in control of his alcoholism. He was happy. It is for God to judge but there can be little doubt that lovely, timid Fr. Stan had no defense against the poisoned atmosphere he encountered at Holy Name of Jesus. For there to be healing, the guilty bullies should confess their part in his tragic death. Is there no shame?

It is also to be clearly understood that the Parish Council voted unanimously to terminate the employment of this "faithful" secretary.

The facts speak for themselves. How is it that three Priests in a row could be rejected by the Parish Office staff? One could say the Secretary has 26 years, but how many more Priests have to arrive at Holy Name to live in fear before the Parish Council acts? Think about it...three Priests in a row rejected? How is that "keeping the wheels on everything"?

The Church is constantly under attack. We must band together as Catholics and love one another (obviously) and work together to save souls through the power of the sacraments which the Church lovingly provides!