Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Nigerian Anglican Leader May Boycott Lambeth Conference

A conservative Anglican prelate in Nigeria has warned that he might lead a boycott of the Lambeth Conference, the worldwide gathering of Anglican bishops, when it convenes at Canterbury in 2008.

Archbishop Peter Akinola, the Anglican primate of Nigeria, said that he was upset by the news that the Archbishop of Canterbury, had not issued an invitation to Bishop Martyn Minns.

Archbishop Akinola has been the prelate most outspoken in criticizing the acceptance of homosexuality by some leaders of the Anglican communion. He travelled to the United States to ordain Bishop Minns as a "missionary bishop" serving the spiritual needs of like-minded Anglicans in America.

Because Bishop Minns is affiliated with the Anglican Church of Nigeria, the failure to invite him to the Lambeth Conference is an affront to all the bishops in that country, Archbishop Akinola said; it could be "viewed as withholding invitation to the entire House of Bishops of the Church of Nigeria."

The African prelate warned that he might react by refusing to attend the Lambeth Conference, and encouraging all other Nigerian prelates to join him in boycotting the meetings.


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